Presentation of National Costume for "Miss Universe"


The restaurant "Beluga" hosted a presentation of the national costume Anastasia Chernova in which it appears in the Miss Universe contest.The author of the costume is Ukrainian designer Anastasiya Sukhanova. The distinctive feature of her brand is the usage of national motives in cut, shapes and ornament as decoration. She manages to create contemporary fashion trends mixing them with Ukrainian ethnic elements using natural fabrics such as silk, chiffon, llama fur .The designer consistently develops a theme of ethnic decorative elements in the contemporary clothing. Following the latest trends designer used male images to create unusual and extraordinary and venturesome costume for the beauty queen of Ukraine, who got the prestigious title "Miss Ukraine Universe". And it is Cossack’s Traditional National Costume in a contemporary performance.

Brief description of the costume:
The costume ensembly complex is made up of a trendy embroidered shirt called vyshyvanka, a red kaftan(a sort of jacket), sharovary which are baggy trousers, a special fur hat(papaha), and a belt. The important ethnic, social and aesthetic characteristic of the clothing was the color of materials,it was a kind of a peculiar figurative language. The costume is made in national colors: white, red and black. Red is a prominent color in Ukrainian folk clothing. And it is predominant in this costume.In old times it symbolized gentility and sufficiency of the person. Since ancient times and during its existence the elements of the clothing satisfied not only the material human needs but also the spiritual ones. A wide long belt performed not just the function of supporting trousers but Eastern Slavs believed that it protected their body and was a kind of amulet.The waist band could be 3 or 4 metres long. It was worn around the waist wrapped for several times and it was decorated with tassels on the ends which reached the knees.

This image shows the best advantage of the girl’s character, her confidence and will to get the victory.