Finalists of „Go Miss Universe” TV-project occupied a country-house

The five participants of „Go Miss Universe” TV-project were taken to a rented house, where they were supposed to prepare for taking part in the international contest „Miss Universe-2006” during one week. Leading specialists – modellers, designers, cosmetologists, stylists, psychologists, fitness-trainers – began to attend to the participants.

The project heroines were to take part in photosessions, video shootings, preparation of professional portfolios. They had to work at self-improvement and to have their patience and morale tested. However, the most difficult task was to select a girl which according to the scenario had to leave the project. The participants themselves had to make the choice. Each of the five girls entered a „confession room” for a personal interview, and expressed her opinion. In this way the organizers made the girls to understand how difficult deciding upon someone’s destiny is and let them see that the contest was fair play. Any one of the five might end up leaving the contest. It was Alena Shcherban who had to leave.