Aleksandra Nikolaenko conferred „Person of the year” title

Aleksandra Nikolaenko, the best beauty of Ukraine, who was an adequate representative of our contry and the winner of a number of most prestigious beauty contests, was named „Person of the year” and given a „Prometeus Prestige” award for reinforcing Ukraine’s positive image around the world.
Experts of the national “Person of the year” program unanimously decided to give a special award to the 24 years old beauty for the well-arranged visit of Natalie Glebova, the Miss Universe-2005. Aleksandra was very happy and deeply moved and thanked everyone for the award, promising to make every effort in order that the winner of “Miss Ukraine-Universe” might be able to adequately represent the country in the “Miss Universe” contest.
Inna Tsymbalyuk also took part in the awarding ceremony. She presented an award to Vladimir Litvin.