Children's day

As a tradition at Children's Day Alexandra Nikolayenko came to see her friends from capital hostel ¹15. She was accompanied by Lyudmila Bikmullina and singer Vitaliy Kozlovskiy. Children were so happy of guests coming that met beauties at footsteps of the building. In the assembly hall of the school, Sasha and her friends congratulated pupils of the hostel, and then gave them sweets, tennis rackets, balls, sport hoops and special exercisers.

- We are glad that Sasha takes care of our children, - said Leonid Torba, the director of the hostel. - Throughout the years she makes presents for our children and arranges real holidays for them. As to the children, they also were not empty-handed. After congratulations they present to Sasha splendid Ukrainian round loaf, which she tested with pleasure.

- So tasty, it just melts in one's mouth! - admired the beauty. After all guests tasted the round loaf, Vitaliy Kozlovskiy sung his few songs for the children and together with Sasha dispensed autographs with pleasure.