The Charitable Auction

The charitable action in "Da Vinchi" gallery touched the beau-monde of Kyiv. "The World is rescued by beauty of human deeds", with such a motto the auction was hold initiated by Oleksandra Nikolayenko. On June, 2 10 peaces of art were presented made by children from Kiev boarding school №15 who suffer from hard cerebral palsy illness.

Famous ukrainian businessmen, patrons, politicians, artists and TV-presenters came to support the charitable action.Five from 10 presented works were created by talented children, among them - embroidery, painting, bind products. Other five works are pictures created by children under the leadership of famous artist Boris Yegizaryan. During long time Boris worked with children giving them the basis of painting helping to express on canvas hidden children’s wishes and dreams. “Miss Ukraine Universe” – 2008 Eleonora Masalab helped Boris. These works are the prayer of children’s soul which didn’t made with illness.

The guests were amazed by works. Leaders of the auction, Alexey Diveev-Tserkovniy and Eleonora Masalab were talking about children living and studying in the boarding-school and about how the works were being created. Also they demonstrated video. The auction started in high emotional spirit.

Due to all the participants of the auction 84 000 hrivnas were collected during the auction.

Leonid Torba, the director of boarding-school №15:

"The works of our children were presented at many exhibitions, but it was first time when they were being sold at auction. For children such actions are very important. Children need to be known, they need contact, to be admired. Not every child from our school can draw but we have a lot of embroidery. Boys and girls like embroidering. So many nice works were made for the auction so it was hard to choose. Many kind people help out school but we got help through the fund after Vitalina Yushenko and Sasha Nikolayenko visited our school. Since that time they made a lot of good things for children. Children are very happy by the fact that they can participate and famous people visit them and invite artists. We want our children to improve their talents, learn how to draw, sing and dance. And when they find themselves in the society they can feel themselves as ordinary people. And, of cause, Sasha Nikolayenko give greate financial help. They brought sport equipment as well as medical and for many children Oleksandra opened accounts".