The final of "Miss Ukraine Universe” contest Star jury has chosen "Miss Ukraine Universe” - 2009

 The most amazing and spectacular beauty show of this year - the final of beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" took place on February, 20th, 2009 in Kiev’s concert-hall "FreeDom". Here the invited visitors and numerous representatives of mass-media at the first time heard the name of the girl who will became the "face" of our country and will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international beauty contest "Miss Universe 2009". It will take place in August, 2009 in Bahamas. 15 girls who had passed the multistage national casting competed for the "Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" title and the crown.
 The leaders of the contest's final were actors George Deliev and Boris Barsky who played two legendary dogs Belka and the Strelka. They played with humour the theme of star space. The show scene represented a spaceship ploughing open spaces of the Universe in search of the most beautiful representative of the Planet Ukraine.

 The name of the winner was announced by star jury of legendary and star persons of Ukraine, Russia and the USA:
- Chairman of Jewellery Association of Ukraine Sergey Tsjupko;
- Svetlana Svetlichnaja (Russia);
- The actor Sergey Zhigunov (Russia);
- Yaroslav Gres, chief editor of "HELLO" magazine (Ukraine);
- Alexandra Nikolayenko, head of the jury, national director of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest.
 This year the special visitors were present at the contest:
- "Miss Universe - 2008" Dajana Mendoza (Venezuela);
- President of "Miss Universe" contest, legendary Pola Shugart (USA);
- manager of “Miss Universe” contest Rostan Ogata (USA).
The special award in the context of "The Most Beautiful Singer" contest was presented to young mother and the most talented singer Tine Karol by Oleksandra Nikolayenko.

 As a result “Miss Ukraine Universe-2008", 20-year-old Eleonora Masalab together with "Miss Universe - 2008" Dajana Mendoza and director of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest Oleksandra Nikolayenko handed over the crown to winner. And first five of beauties were distributed as follows:
- "The Fourth Vice-Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" became Ekaterina Vetchinkina, 18, Odessa;
- "The Third Vice-Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" became Ekaterina Antonenko, 20, Nikolaev;
- "The Second Vice-Miss. Ukraine Universe - 2009" became Anna Lapenko, 20, Lugansk;
- "The First Vice-Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" became Atonina Papernaja, 18, Kiev;
- and, finally, "Miss Ukraine Universe - 2009" became 25-years-old Christina Kots-Gotlib from Donetsk.

 Christina became the queen of evening. And the royal prize was presented for her! The national committee of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest with support of "AutoCapital" company, along with general representation of "Daimler" concern - the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz, presented to the winner a magnificent prestigious star of an automobile sky! It was a Mercedes-Benz of A-class. And it was not a simple car, it was an integral part of high progressive style, focused on design, quality and the highest safety.
 Visitors of evening: actors Vladimir Gorjansky with the wife, Olga Sumskaja, Ilja Nojabryov, Ekaterina Semyonova (Russia), stylists Sergey Zverev (Russia) and Vyacheslav Djudenko,singers Irina Bilyk, Gallina, Natalia Valevskaja, Alena Vinnitskaja, singers Alexander Ponomaryov and Alexander Lominsky, film director Oksana Bajrak, holder of modelling agency Vlada Litovchenko, designers Diana Dorozhkina, Sergey Ermakov, Andre Tan, Evgenie Chernjak (trade mark "Hortitsa"), victualer Andrey Zadorozhnyj and Irina Turbaevskaja, Arcady Rajtsin, football player Vladislav Vashchuk and victualer Margarita Sichkar, sportsmens Yana Klochkova, Denis Silantev, Oleg Lisogor, Lilija Podkopaeva, art dealer Tatyana Franchuk, the People's Deputy Irina Berezhnaja, Evgenie Gubskaja, Elena Staritskaja, Igor Posypajko and Alena Shoptenko, Alena Litvin, Maxim Lavrinovich, Christina Chernovetskaja, Kinah family, producer Vlad Rjashin, Lev and Lesja Partshaladze, Lyudmila and Andrey Hariv and other popular personalities.

 On this site you will soon see the photo-report.