Lybid - the symbol of beauty and the city of Kiev


This year the national costume of the Ukrainian contestant broke all the traditions and sent us back to the landmark period of Kievan Rus history, the foundation of Kiev - the cradle of Slavic nations.
Nestor the Chronicler in his "Tale of Bygone Years" wrote about the three brothers, Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybid who are considered to be the legendary founders of Kiev. The metro stations, the streets, shops and hotels are named after them. There is also a monument on the Dnieper quay that was constructed to commemorate them. Nowadays the just-married couples bring flowers to this monument to honour their ancestors.
Celestial beauty of sister Lybid became a legend. Even now Kievites remember her as a brave and beautiful woman who encouraged and protected the three brothers with her love and kindness. That's why the legendary woman became the inspiration for the Ukrainian national costume.
This is the close-fitting white gown with a pectoral on it. It was the typical dress of the great women of Kievan Rus period. The Pectoral is made of bead, gilt thread and Swarovski crystals. The idea of the pectoral ornament is chestnuts, the symbol of the city of Kiev. The final touch of the outfit is the circlet made of the chestnut blossom which became the main tourist attraction in Kiev spring time. The Ukrainian custom tells us: "if you give a chestnut flower to your beloved, be sure you will be loved in return."
The designer of the national costume is Sergey Yermakov who is well-known in Ukraine and abroad. He is famous for being the only one in Ukraine who creates haute couture collections, cooperates with Hollywood, and has recently made outfits specially for Madonna.
Sergey has been working for "Miss Ukraine-Universe" beauty contest for a few years already, designing evening gowns for the most beautiful Ukrainian girls. His outfits and the real masterpieces, unique in their style.