We hasten to let you know about the changes taken place in March 2016 in “Miss Ukraine Universe” Organization.


The owner of “Miss Uлraine Universe” Oleksandra Ruffin has sold the pageant. A foreign-owned international company became the new owner of the “Miss Ukraine Universe” pageant. Both parties stayed satisfied with the results of the agreement. Anna Filimonova is a Pageant Director and holder of the license to conduct “Miss Ukraine Universe” in Ukraine.

“Miss Ukraine Universe” Pageant has been held in Ukraine annually since 2006 under the auspices of “Miss Universe” Pageant. The owner and organizer of the biggest world beauty pageant since September 2015 is WME | IMG, a large American corporation.

The purpose of conduction of the “Miss Ukraine Universe” Pageant has always been, and remains the idea of popularization and growth of Ukraine’s positive image in the world. As well as the desire to give a chance to young beautiful Ukrainian girls to show themselves at most, having unlocked their potential, demonstrated the beauty and talent of Ukrainian girls to the world. For the period of the pageant existence, due to the efforts of Oleksandra Ruffin, the winners of various years managed to achieve excellent results at the main beauty contest “Miss Universe” and make their country famous:

  • 2014 - Diana Harkusha became one of the TOP-5, gained the title of the 2nd runner-up “Miss Universe”-2014 (3rd place)
  • 2013 - Olga Storozhenko became one of the TOP-10
  • 2011 - Olesia Stafanko became one of the TOP-5 and gained the title of the 1st runner-up “Miss Universe”-2011 (2nd place)
  • In 2010, Anna Poslavska became one of the TOP-5, gained the title of the 3rd runner-up «Miss Universe” 2011 (4th place)
  • In 2007, Liudmyla Bikmullina became one of the TOP-16
  • In 2006, Inna Tsymbaliuk became of the TOP-20

For all the time of conduction of the pageant, the world celebrities, stars of Ukraine, CIS and near-abroad countries were the judges of the contest. Among them: Naomi Campbell, Joan Collins, Eric Trump, Dayana Mendoza (“Miss Universe” 2008), Jean-Claude Van Damme, Caroline Wozniacki, Kristen Pazik, Fadit Berisha, Sherri Hill, Ilan Delouis, Ivan Manero, Michele Placido, Nikolai Valuev, Konstantin Tszyu, Timur Rodriguez, Barbara Brylska, Sergei Zhiguniv, Sergei Astakhov, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Irina Alfyorova, Alla Kostromicheva, Snejana Onopka, Alexandr Dolgopolov and others… 

Oleksandra Ruffin: “When I created the “Miss Ukraine Universe” Pageant, I had to invest many efforts to make this contest the best in the country, and the brand recognizable and prestigious at international scale. We have achieved excellent results at “Miss Universe”, what I am very proud of. I am grateful to the whole team involved in these results and to all our winners for our cooperation! Time zips along, and there are new priorities and goals in my life related with new business projects. I wish prosperity to the “Miss Ukraine Universe” Organization”.

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