Tatiana Tucha , the founder of Lucky Look: "The participation in the contest of such scale is a victory."

To your attention there is an exclusive interview of Tatiana Tucha, who is the expert at sunglasses and hats selection, the founder of the fashion brand Lucky LOOK, the partner of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine-Universe-2016".

Tatiana, what does women's beauty mean for you?

First of all it is a harmony. Beautiful woman beams a kindness, a sincerity and positive energy. She is respectful to her body, because it is the temple of the soul. There is the need of constant improvement and this self-cultivation implies a comprehensive approach, because it refers to the appearance and spiritual values as well.

Could you share your beauty secrets?

If we start from the physical aspects, I try to sleep enough, because full eight hours sleep is extremely important for woman. Also I look after my nutrition and go in for sport regularly. Among the spiritual "secrets" are positive thinking, beloved job and the constant state of love. These factors provide me with tremendous energy, which makes me just glow from within. Of course, a significant role in the life of any beautiful woman possesses the ability to dress stylishly and to create harmonious outfits and accessories play an important role in this case.

By the way, what kinds of sunglasses are fashionable this summer?

ПAll models of sunglasses with flat lenses are popular. They are a reference to bright and stormy 80-th years, and they have very stylish look in a colored mirror performance. The classic Aviator and Wayfarer are still in the trend. These models of glasses are must-have in the wardrobe because they complete any look perfectly. Teashades, round sunglasses, don’t back down. They are suitable for daring, informal style of clothing. I recommend cat-eye sunglasses for romance fans. Their original modification: round frame and "ears" is fashionable this season. It turns out something between teashades and cat-eye. The choice is wide and varied! It is important to choose the right option and LuckyLOOK consultant-stylists will always help you.

What would you wish "Miss Ukraine-Universe" contestants?

I would like to note that the participation in the contest of such scale is a victory. In any case you always need to keep pace: don’t give up and go to the end, but it always takes an effort. I wish the girls good luck and faith in themselves. If diligence, confidence and fortune meet each other, everything will turn out.