Alena Spodynyuk "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2016 has been to frontline Kramatorsk with the charity visit and addressed the participants of the contest "Beauty without limitations".


One of the first charitable visits of 19-years old Alena Spodynyuk as “Miss Ukraine - Universe” 2016 was one to Kramatorsk. The program of the visit happened to be more than intensive. The first point of the program was a participation in “Solemn oath of fidelity to the people of Ukraine” in the border detachment of Kramatorsk. All of the new border guards are volunteers, there are even those who have come from occupied Crimea to defend borders of Ukraine here, in the East. They’ve received presents from “Miss Ukraine – Universe” Alena Spodynyuk and some kind words of valediction in their hard duty of defending borders of our country. Then Alena moved to the centre of social and psychiatric rehabilitation of children financed by Kramatorsk city council, where she met children who had faced difficult circumstances. She gave them the words of support: “I also was young, I wanted to become successful, I tried to study well and to be nice. Now I see those wonderful children with these sparks in their eyes – they also want to get an education and to become famous in future”.

On the evening of that day “Miss Ukraine – Universe” has become a guest and a judge of VІ Ukrainian beauty contest for girls in wheelchairs “Beauty without limitations – 2016”. This contest has taken place for the fifth time in a row and it has gained a big popularity not only in Donbass but all over Ukraine as well. Young people with disabilities are limited in communication and in the ability to express themselves, that’s why events like this help to strengthen a positive image of disabled people in the public opinion and also contribute to their active social integration. It’s a real chance to show everybody that people in wheelchairs in any circumstances will find the strength to present their talents and the beauty of the soul, which will guarantee great achievements in business and art in future.

A recent example of real strength and insistence – a triumphant victory of Ukrainian team on lately Paralympic games in Rio-de-Janeiro. Current contest “Beauty without limitations – 2016” has gathered 10 girls on wheelchairs from different regions of Ukraine. 1000 spectators and guests have also visited this event. Best showmen, choreographs, designers and visagistes of Donetsk region worked for this contest to become reality. The final result of a dramatic competition was a victory of 24-years old Oksana Kononets from Kiev. “I was happy to support this contest, “Beauty without limitations – 2016”, and to become a part of it, sharing all the emotions with other contestants. I admire their audacity. I tried to encourage them by telling the words of support. After this contest, I feel that I have even more strength and certainty to present with dignity Ukraine in the final of the contest “Beauty without limitations – 2016”.

Except for kind words of support, Alena Spodynyuk herself and National Committee “Miss Ukraine – Universe” gave presents to participants and the winner – mobile phones, Lucky Look and Hunkemoller suits from the sponsors of “Miss Ukraine – Universe”. Spodynyuk promised to organize joint photo session and to help in preparations for the international contest “Miss wheelchair”.