Why have you decided to take part in the contest "MISS UKRAINE UNIVERSE"?
This is a great opportunity to show my worth, to discover new opportunities, to get unforgettable experience and impressions.

If you become the winner, how will you take advantage of your victory and the prestigious title?
'Miss Ukraine Universe' title is first of all a great honor and responsibility. I will be extremely happy if I get the chance to present the Ukrainian culture in the world. I'd focus not on the words but on the actions, and would put maximum efforts for the promotion of charitable projects and positive image of Ukraine.

Who had the greatest influence on your inner world?
There is no doubt that my mother is the most influential person in my life. I admire her kindness, wisdom, femininity and strength.

What achievements are you particularly proud of in your life?
I am convinced that the most important achievements are still ahead. But I’m proud of the graduation and my success in model business and painting.

Tell us something about love in your life.
Love is the greatest gift of life. It gives meaning to the life.

What will save the world if not a beauty?
Kindness and generosity towards everyone and everything that surrounds us.