Why have you decided to take part in the contest "MISS UKRAINE UNIVERSE"?
This is a very nice and status contest! For me it's an opportunity to show and test myself. I will not dissemble, I want to see myself in a beautiful dress with a bouquet of flowers and the crown on my head, as well as each participant of "Miss Ukraine Universe".

If you become the winner, how will you take advantage of your victory and the prestigious title?
I’ll do it in the maximum way. I want to get everything from this victory that I can, I want to do the maximum that I can. I don't know exactly what it will be, but having some high mission of charity, for example, this title will help me to attract more audience.

Who had the greatest influence on your inner world?
Probably, this is the trip to Africa. I reinterpreted a lot of things and began to look at things differently.

What achievements are you particularly proud of in your life?
I have jumped with a parachute).

Tell us something about love in your life.
Family is my love.

What will save the world if not a beauty?
That will do hot, responsive and kind heart.