Why have you decided to take part in the contest "MISS UKRAINE UNIVERSE"?
I have decided to take part in the contest in order to test myself, to gain the experience. Also I like to work in the fashion and beauty sphere and to communicate with interesting people.

If you become the winner, how will you take advantage of your victory and the prestigious title?
I will do everything to become the embodiment of beauty, intelligence and kindness.

Who had the greatest influence on your inner world?
Unambiguously, these are my parents. They taught me to possess such qualities as kindness, love, mutual understanding, honesty, diligence, and I am grateful to them for who I am now.

What achievements are you particularly proud of in your life?
I entered the University and choose the speciality, which I was dreaming about, also I have participated in many charity concerts.

Tell us something about love in your life.
For me love is when you feel warmth, joy, fullness next to someone, it is the most beautiful feeling on earth that brings people together and makes us a part of one.

What will save the world if not a beauty?
For me true beauty is inner beauty, soul, sympathetic kind heart. There are should be a lot of such people, then the world will change in a good side.