Why have you decided to take part in the contest "MISS UKRAINE UNIVERSE"?
This is my first experience in a beauty contest. The participation in "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest let me to acquire new experience, new skills and give the opportunity to see myself in a different way. I think this is an important and exciting event for each participant!

If you become the winner, how will you take advantage of your victory and the prestigious title?
Victory is a very big responsibility, because the winner is the embodiment of external and internal beauty and knowledge. It is important for me to give a deserving example to the future generations and to show each girl how it is important to work on yourself and your inner world, to achieve the main goals of your life. That is why, I will certainly avail of the title for the broadcasts on television and radio to organize trips to orphanages, boarding schools, schools - the places where the winner’s inspiration will be the driving factor for many people. I think that the title of "Miss Ukraine Universe" is important to use in the social direction.

Who had the greatest influence on your inner world?
Circumstances of my life influence on my inner world most of all. My inner world is organized by a set of events, which give the important lessons.

What achievements are you particularly proud of in your life?
The main achievement that I'm proud of is my persistence and purposefulness. It can be called a self-perfection achievement. I believe that any achievement which person can be proud of, starts with personal victories over himself, these are his laziness, fear, uncertainty, etc. I am proud that I am aware of who I am and understand what I want.

Tell us something about love in your life...
Love is everywhere in my life. Love is a state of mind and a worldview... When it is inside, it impregnates with external factors outside.

What will save the world if not a beauty?
If it is not a beauty, then it will be goodness.