Why have you decided to take part in the contest "MISS UKRAINE UNIVERSE"?
My model career began at the age of 16. I have won many beauty contests, but to become "Miss Ukraine Universe" is a huge and very important step for me in professional and internal development as well. It is the real challenge, personal victory and my real dream! I would be happy and proud to represent our country on the world stage. Once again to prove to the world that Ukrainian people are beautiful not only in appearance, but they have beautiful soul as well, they are intelligent and talented!

If you become the winner, how will you take advantage of your victory and the prestigious title?
As a true patriot I would represent the interests of Ukraine in the international arena, would carry on diplomatic negotiations and would be engaged in charity. I believe that the public person's duty  is to attract people's attention to globally important things, society problems (problems of world, country, city, family), fellow creatures support and development. I'm sure that possessing such a prestigious title, I will be able to attract a large number of people and together we will make the world a better place!

Who had the greatest influence on your inner world?
Of course this is my family. My parents tried to lay the foundation of best qualities of virtuous and helpful person, and I still never cease to thank them for this! It is the most important thing in life to be a real Person. To be responsive, honest and fair. I have always striven to be the Real one, first of all. As it is stated in one of the Biblical commandments: "Everything comes back. Good comes as good and evil returns as evil. You get what you give back always. If you want to have more – you should give more. More efforts, more time, more love and everything will return at the most unexpected moment."

What achievements are you particularly proud of in your life?
The most important victory is the victory over yourself! Because you need to be not just better than others – you need to be better than you were yesterday. Contrary to the stereotypes about models, I have got a fundamental education, graduated T.Shevchenko KNU, faculty of mechanics and mathematics, participated and won many prestigious beauty contest, and created my own charitable Foundation "Development of Gifted children".

Tell us something about love in your life...
Love is my main source of strength and inspiration! All the greatest things in the world happened in the name of love. You are ready to move mountains and turn impossible things into reality for the sake of love.

 What will save the world if not a beauty?

Love, Kindness, Faith and Generosity, Real human values will do that.