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New photos of Diana Harkusha by photographer Fadil Berisha



"Miss Ukraine Universe 2014" Diana Harkusha on the air in popular American channel "FOX 5 News"

"Miss Ukraine Universe 2014" Diana Harkusha on the air in popular American channel "FOX 5 News". DianaВ demonstrated evening dresses by Sherri Hill.

Watch the video:

New York News


"Miss Ukraine Universe 2014" visited the office of  "Miss Universe Organization" in New York

"Miss Ukraine Universe 2014" Diana Harkusha visited the office of "Miss Universe Organization" in New York. In photos, Diana with Annette Cammer, she is the director of "International Pageants" and "Miss USA 2014" Nia Sanchez.


Miss Ukraine Universe Organization presents


63rd annual MISS UNIVERSE

JANUARY 25 (8-11 P.M. ET) ON NBC

New York, NY – October 2, 2014 – NBC, Donald J. Trump and Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization, announced today that the 63rd annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant will take place in Doral-Miami, Florida and air live from Florida International University on NBC, Sunday, Jan. 25 (8-11 p.m. ET) with simulcast in Spanish on Telemundo.

“The City of Doral is experiencing a record amount of economic growth and has gained attention from Fortune 100 companies in the short time since its incorporation in 2003,” says Trump. “In its 11 years of being an established city, Doral has become internationally  recognized for its outstanding commercial and industrial accomplishments ,” adds Trump. “Doral is a symbol of success and holding the Miss Universe Pageant here will amplify its reputation as a world showcase city.”


 Anna Andres went to Texas

Anna Andres went to Texas where she starred in ads for the new collection of the Queen of evening dresses America, designer Sherri Hill . Customers of the brand are also celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Paula Abdul, Carmen Electra, as well as the winner of the title "Miss Universe".


  "Miss Ukraine Universe-2014" gallery



  "Miss Ukraine Universe-2014" is chosen!

Kyiv, June 5.
In the hotel "Intercontinental" Kiev at the  Summer Party dedicated to the opening of cosy terrace in French restaurant "Comme Il Faut", were awarded the winner of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe-2014". The guests learned the name of the new "Miss Ukraine Universe-2014", which will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international beauty contest "Miss Universe-2014". Diamond crown of the new beauty Queen Anne Andres (20 years, Lviv) gave Olga Storozhenko ("Miss Ukraine Universe-2013",she entered the Top 10 at the contest "Miss Universe-2013" in Moscow).

This year the organizers of the contest was decided to completely change the usual format.In the current difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine, expressing deep condolences to the families of those killed in the events of autumn 2013 - spring 2014, The National Committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" decided to conduct the selection of participants for the international beauty contest "Miss Universe-2014" in the format, eliminating unnecessary pathos and triumph.

The competent jury (consisting of representatives of the USA and Ukraine), headed by the owner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" by Alexandra Raffin held multistage selection of the candidates for participation in the competition, in a result was selected 10 finalists.See the best ten finalists you could at the partner site of the contest where pretender to the crown appeared in beautiful Ukrainian images and shared with the users of the website your thoughts about love for their country. One of the last steps became a personal interview participants with the members of the jury.

At the event, the girls appeared before the public in an exclusive clothes by Ukrainian designers, which are presented in ALLAND ethno fashion store and dresses from Ukrainian designer Alexander Ezhevsky.

Since the main purpose of organizing Committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" always was the promotion Ukraine in the world, high results and the victory in the contest "Miss Universe", the next stage of the whole team will be active preparation of the winner for take part in the international competition "Miss Universe-2014".

Recall that the rules of the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe", criteria of selection of finalists are:

- Ukrainian citizenship;

- age from 18 to 27 years old;

not to be married, never married, have no children;

- bright appearance, perfect figure;

- knowledge of Ukrainian and English languages.

The Queen of the evening and winner of the prestigious title of "Miss Ukraine universe-2014" was the 20-year-old  Anna Andres from Lviv. The winner is a student in the third year of the Lviv commercial Academy on speciality-lawyer. This is not the first beauty contest in the life of Anna, but this great victory with her for the first time. "To win such a prestigious beauty contest was my dream, we can say childhood dream.... And here it was finished. Now I can look forward to an even more difficult task is to represent Ukraine in the final of the contest "Miss Universe-2014" and a few months of the intensive preparations for such a responsible event. I am ready to make all efforts to achieve the goal," - says Anna.

In the end, the prize-winning places were distributed as follows:

"III Miss Ukraine universe -2014" became Alina Pigun, 23, Kyiv

"II Miss Ukraine universe -2014" was Yulia Podolyanko, 19 years old, Nizhyn

"I Miss Ukraine universe -2014", became Diana Garkusha, 19 years old, Kharkov

and winner of the prestigious title of "Miss Ukraine universe-2014" was the 20-year-old  Anna Andres from Lviv.

And also:

Miss people's choice (according to the results of voting on became Olga Kalenchuk, 19 years old, Kyiv

Miss "CHI" became Yulia Podolyanko, 19 years old, Nizhyn

Miss "MMCIS" became Anastasia Kozheduba, 24, Kyiv


  Dear visitors of our site!
We are pleased to inform you the names of finalists of the competition "Miss Universal Ukraine - 2014".

Solomatina Lena, 18 years, Kharkov
Kotlobay Alina ,19 years, Chernigov
Kalenchuk Olga , 19 years, Kiev
Dzubakevich Christina ,21 years, Ivano-Frankivsk
Pigun Alina, 23 years, г. Kiev
Kozhedubova Anastasiya, 24 years, Kiev
Andres Anna , 20 years, Lvov
Kalenchuk Olga, 19 years, Kiev
Kletz Tanya, 23 years, Lutsk
Podolyanko Yulya, 19 years, Nezhin

Solomatina Lena, 18 years, Kharkov

Kotlobay Alina ,19 years, Chernigov

Kalenchuk Olga , 19 years, Kiev

Dzubakevich Christina ,21 years, Ivano-Frankivsk

Pigun Alina, 23 years, г. Kiev

Kozhedubova Anastasiya, 24 years, Kiev

Andres Anna , 20 years, Lvov


Diana Garkusha, 19 years, Kiev


Kletz Tanya, 23 years, Lutsk

Podolyanko Yulya, 19 years, Nezhin




 Olga Storozenko starred in Emin's video

Popular singer and composer EMIN (Emin Agalarov) presented a new video for his song «In Another Life».
In the story EMIN fell asleep during the meeting, and like in an incredible dream one by one all the Miss Universe participants appear. Girls magically appear and disappear, leaving EMIN in disbelief.
What is particularly nice, one of the roles was performed by Olga Storozenko (Miss Ukraine Universe - 2013 , finalist of Miss Universe-2013).

Also Donald Trump, owner of Miss Universe starred in the video.
Watch the clip :


  Blog of "Miss Ukraine Universe 2013" Olga Storozenko

Read the blogs of "Miss Ukraine Universe 2013" Olga Storozenko about the "Miss Universe" contest at
all blogs:


  Miss Universe Ukraine onFacebook

Follow "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest the news and details on our Facebook official page: Miss Universe Ukraine


 Ukraine reached TOP10

On 9th of November "Miss Ukraine Universe" -2013 Storozenko Olga entered the TOP10 of most beautiful women of the universe at the Miss Universe contest 2013, Moscow. Gabriella Isler, "Miss Venezuela" - 2013 won the crown.
We sincerely congratulate Olga on an great result and Gabriella with her victory and President of "Miss Universe" Osman Sousa and all his team.
The president of "Miss Ukraine Universe" Alexander Ruffin with her husband supported Olga at the contest.



 The Final of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe-2013 "

The Final of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe-2013"

The Final of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe 2013" was held in Kiev on the 4th of September. The event took place in a splendid and luxury designed Ball Room of Fairmont Grand Hotel.
15 most beautiful Ukrainian women aged from 18 to 27 competed to be crowned and get the title "Miss Ukraine Universe – 2013". All of them went through multistage national casting.
21-year-old Olga Storozhenko from Vinnytsia was recognized the beauty queen and became the owner of the prestigious title Miss Ukraine Universe-2013. Miss Ukraine Universe-2012 Anastasiya Chernova passed the title to the winner.

And the results of "Miss Ukraine Universe-2013" are as follows:

4th runner-up: Elena Riasnova, 26 years old, (Zaporozhie);
3rd runner-up : Anastasiia Bozhkova, 25 years old, (Kerch);
2nd runner-up : Olga Rubanova, 21 years old, (Odessa);
1st runner-up – "Miss Ukraine Universe 2013 is Sofiia Oleinyk, 23 years old, (Ternopil).

Special awards went to

Anastasiya Bozhkova -"Miss CHI" and Elena Riasnova got the title "Miss MMCIS" .

The panel of judges included:

Head of the jury: Aleksandra Ruffin, the President of "Miss Ukraine Universe " contest;
Michele Placido, actor (Italy);
Aleksandr Dolgopolov, tennis player(Ukraine);
Ivan Manero, plastic surgeon (Spain);
Elizaveta Yurusheva, general manager of the Fairmont Hotel Kiev;
Fadil Berisha, photographer (USA);
Konstantin Kondakov, head of the company MMCIS Investments;
Yevgeny Tarlo , Member of the Federal Councilof the Russian Federation.

The National Committee of "Miss Ukraine Universe" prepared a lot of surprises and different kinds of entertainment for the guests. The presenters of the show were Nikita Dobrynin(Inter channel) and Maria Litti.
Aleksandr Ponomariov, Santa, Mika Newton , Zlata Ognevich, Olia Poliakova, Alyosha, Vitalii Kozlovskii, Aleksandr Lominskii, Anatolii Shparev, Alloise and others took part in a great music show.
As a part of the competition the traditional award "The most beautiful singer" was presented. This year Zlata Ognevich got the title.

The beauty queen and the new owner of the prestigious title "Miss Ukraine Universe-2013 " has got really royal presents:
- journey voucher to the island of Mauritius, which is the global standard of luxury;
- organic cosmetics from "Alexander Spa Las Vegas";
- ultramodern tools for hair from exclusive hair partner "CHI";
- cosmetic set from club network "Jean";
- annual subscription to the premium sports complex "GYMMAXX" from the exclusive fitness partner;
- certificate for cosmetic services from Elixir SPA Deluxe / YURIY-TSAROV.

Photoes of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe 2013"


  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


 Presentation of National Costume for "Miss Universe"

Description of Anastasiya Chernova (Ukraine) National Costume for "Miss Universe"
The author of the costume is Ukrainian designer Anastasiya Sukhanova. The distinctive feature of her brand is the usage of national motives in cut, shapes and ornament as decoration. She manages to create contemporary fashion trends mixing them with Ukrainian ethnic elements using natural fabrics such as silk, chiffon, llama fur .The designer consistently develops a theme of ethnic decorative elements in the contemporary clothing. Following the latest trends designer used male images to create unusual and extraordinary and venturesome costume for the beauty queen of Ukraine, who got the prestigious title "Miss Ukraine Universe". And it is Cossack’s Traditional National Costume in a contemporary performance.

Brief description of the costume:
The costume ensembly complex is made up of a trendy embroidered shirt called vyshyvanka, a red kaftan(a sort of jacket), sharovary which are baggy trousers, a special fur hat(papaha), and a belt. The important ethnic, social and aesthetic characteristic of the clothing was the color of materials,it was a kind of a peculiar figurative language. The costume is made in national colors: white, red and black. Red is a prominent color in Ukrainian folk clothing. And it is predominant in this costume.In old times it symbolized gentility and sufficiency of the person.

Since ancient times and during its existence the elements of the clothing satisfied not only the material human needs but also the spiritual ones. A wide long belt performed not just the function of supporting trousers but Eastern Slavs believed that it protected their body and was a kind of amulet.The waist band could be 3 or 4 metres long. It was worn around the waist wrapped for several times and it was decorated with tassels on the ends which reached the knees.

This image shows the best advantage of the girl’s character, her confidence and will to get the victory.



 "Miss Ukraine Universe – 2012" Anastasiya Chernova met a famous jewellery designer

A luxury British jewellery designer Theo Fennel visited Kiev. An exclusive gala night was organized on this occasion. Anastasiya Chernova had a great opportunity to take part in the event. ELENAREVA brand installation was presented for the guests of the party. Everyone enjoyed the entertainments. And the main surprise of that evening was LOBODA’s performance.


 Anastasiya Chernova took part in a charity bowling

Charity Organization "Down Syndrome" held the charity bowling tournament "Cup of open hearts 2012." Some corporate teams and celebrities participated in the tournament. Among them were "Miss Ukraine Universe" 2012 Anastasia Chernova, Anna Zavalskaya, Dmitry Shurov, girl’s band NIKITA and Dasha Astafieva.

Collected money will be donated for the first specialized Center for Early Childhood Development to implement the programs for the children with Down syndrome.


  Photoes from Miss Ukraine Universe-2012


 Anastasia Chernova - Miss Ukraine Universe-2012

 On October 18th , 2012 The Final of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe 2012" was held. This time the event took place in a splendid and luxury designed Ball Room of Fairmont Grand Hotel.
The guests were privileged to learn the name of the most beautiful girl of Ukraine at first hand. It is considered to be a great honor for the girl because she will represent our country at the most prestigious international beauty contest "Miss Universe 2012".

The National Committee of "Miss Ukraine Universe" prepared a lot of surprises and different kinds of entertainment for the guests. As a part of the competition the traditional award "The most beautiful singer" was presented. This year Vera Brezhneva got the title.

The 15 contestants from different parts of Ukraine competed to be crowned and become "Miss Ukraine Universe - 2012.

The panel of judges included:

Alla Kostromicheva, top model
Timur Rodriguez, Russian singer
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hollywood actor
Elizaveta Yurusheva, general manager of the Fairmont Hotel Kiev
Fedyainova Victoria, general manager of Les Montres Suisses company.
Oksana Nikolaenko, representative of "Miss Ukraine Universe" committee.
Fadil Berisha, photographer (USA)
Konstantin Kondakov, head of the company MMCISInvestments

All the girls looked gorgeous and elegant.
But after several competitions among which there were the traditional swimming suit competition and the night gown competition the Top 5 was chosen.
The results are as follows:

4th runner-up: Anastasya Homon, 20 years old, ( Kiev)
3rd runner-up : Daria Kugot ,21 years old, (Kiev)
2nd runner-up : Yuliya Dziuba, 20 years old, (Kiev)
1st runner-up -Miss Ukraine Universe 2012 and a special award "Miss Biokon” went to Yulia Sokol, 19 years old, (Chernigov).
18-year-old Anastasia Chernova from Kharkov became Miss Ukraine Universe-2012 . That evening she was crowned and was recognized the beauty queen and the owner of the prestigious title.


 Olesya Stefanko on the cover of Zhenskiy magazine.

Photo with Olesya Stefanko decorated the cover of Zhenskiy magazine #6. This issue dedicated to the upcoming Euro 2012 championship, so for the readers "Vice-Miss Universe" appeared in sport image and demonstrated clothing for rest. Zhenskiy magazine with Olesya is on sale now!


 Olesya Stefanko got  the "Most beautiful brunette" title.

During the entire month studio "Kosa Strekoza" and the VIVA! Beauty magazine chose the possessor of the most beautiful hair among Ukrainian celebrities by audience voting. 20 star nominees of the country fought for the title, among them was the "Vice-Miss Universe" Olesya Stefanko. She was lucky to be noticed by people and get the "The most beautiful brunette” title." Congratulations, Olesya!


 Olesya Stefanko in "The World Is Not Enough" photoshoot

Olesya Stefanko photoshoot with the beautiful name "The World Is Not Enough" in outfits by designer Andre Tan in the new issue of "ViVA". Do not miss out!


 Olesya Stefanko in the New "New Channel" Project "

Olesya Stefanko in the New "New Channel" Project documentary "Novi Poglyad."

Watch the video


 Exclusive Photoshoot and Interview of Olesya Stefanko in the New Year issue of the STORY journal

Hurry to see! Exclusive photoshoot and interview of Olesya Stefanko in the New Year issue of STORY! From a journalist edition 1st "Vice Miss Universe" shared secrets: told about the other side of fame, about a gift from a fan she could not refuse, competition in the world of beauty and how she sees her man of dreams.


 Olesya Stefanko appeared in commercials of queen of evening dresses!

The 1st Vice "Miss Universe" -2012 Olesya Stefanko became the face of a new collection of exquisite evening dresses by american designer Sherri Hill



 Dear participants of audition!

Please note that the acceptance of applications for participation in the "Miss Ukraine Universe" -2012 contest is finished. All those who passed the preliminary selection will be certainly contacted by the organizing committee of the competition. We need some time to process your requests.


 Olesya Stefanko took part in the Elena Pinchuk's project "Anti Aids - Stars for Sale "

A plummet with 1st "Vice Miss Universe" for sale. Whoever buys it will make an unforgettable balloon flight over Kiev with Olesya!
Read more here:


Press conference on Ukraine's participation and the victory at a beauty contest "Miss Universe" -2011.

А press conference on Ukraine's participation and the victory in the most prestigious international beauty contest "Miss Universe" -2011 took place on October 7 at Odessa Law Academy National University building.
Aleksandra Nikolaenko, the owner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" and the 1st "Vice-Miss Universe" - 2011 Olesya Stefanko communicated with media.

Watch an exclusive video from the press conference

Watch an exclusive video from the press conference



Attention! Audition!

"Miss Ukraine Universe" national committee with pleasure informs about the beginning of a new selection casting on participation in "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011. All interested can send the application form till November, 1st. Details of participation in a casting read in "Rules of participation in competition"

We wish your good luck!


 Olesya Stefanko on the air of popular morning shows on 1+1" and "М1" TV channels "

Right after returning from Brazil Olesya Stefanko has visited the air of popular morning shows on "1+1" and "М1" TV channels. She told about her impressions of a trip, participation at "Miss Universe" contest and het victory.


 "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 and 1st "Vice-Miss Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko has answered questions of readers of "KP"

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 and 1st "Vice-Miss Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko has answered questions of readers of "Комсомольская Правда - Украина" (Komsomolskaya Pravda Ukraine) newspaper. She took part in an exclusive straight line of edition.

Read the interview and watch video


 Olesya Stefanko's triumphal returning from the San-Paolo

Olesya Stefanko's triumphal returning from the San-Paolo (Brazil). A meeting at the airport with journalists, friends and fans.



We congratulate Olesya Stefanko, "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 on a victory at Miss Universe contest where she has got a prestigious "the First vice-Miss Universe"-2011 title!


 Vote for Ukraine!

This year for the first time the organizing committee of "Miss Universe" contest gives the chance for the countries and fans to vote for participants.
Results of voting will be considered at jury counting of votes!

Internet votings for participants already pass on an official site "Miss Universe", and also on a portal The voting will last till September, 11th (including). Voting is FREE. To vote for Olesya Stefanko you should registrate. Also consider that it is possible to vote about 10 times a day from one e-mail . Vote for Ukraine, vote for Olesya Stefanko!



 National committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" expresses gratitude

National committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" thanks the"Lufthansa" company and Club of elite tourism "Seventh sky" for the help in organization of "Miss Ukraine the Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko's flight to Brazil.


 Olesya Stefanko has departed to Brazil on "Miss Universe" contest

On August, 22nd at 5 p.m. "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko has departed to Brazil (San Paulo) to present Ukraine at most prestigious "Miss Universe" beauty contest . Olesya took three suitcases with clothes, including a national suit and a final dress. She cross-stitched her own "Save The Instant" poem and took it as national
souvenir. Also she took the calendar cards with her own photo on them and gifts to all participants of "Miss Universe " contest.

After a landing on the Brazilian earth, Olesya will be met by security guard of the contest. This very day she will take part in traditional photo-session of all contest participants . During three weeks of preparation to the ending of super show, broadcasted in more than 80 countries of the world, participants of "Miss Universe" will visit historical places of Brazil and take part in charitable actions.
They also will meet ambassadors of the countries. Girls will take part in shooting, interviews and daily rehearsals.

We want to remind you that the ending of "Miss Universe" will take place on September, 12th. For the first time in Ukraine TV channel M1 will broadcast the contest on the air.



 Watch new video with "Miss Ukraine Universe" Olesya Stefanko:


 Miss Ukraine Universe in social advertizing "Youth for a healthy way of life"


 Read exlusive Olesya Stefanko's interview for a popular MISSOSOLOGY.ORG site

Read exlusive Olesya Stefanko's interview for a popular MISSOSOLOGY.ORG site.


Photosession with Olesya Stefanko by Fadilj Berisha (Las Vegas)

We represent the shots from exclusive photosession of "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko made in Las Vegas, in hotel Treasure Island (Las Vegas). Legendary photographer Fadil Berisha became the author of the pictures.



Olesya Stefanko in studio of «Western Pole» radio station

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 visited the studio of «Western Pole» radio station (Ivano-Frankovsk) . Olesya communicated with leaders of the air, and also answered questions of listeners. Local residents warmly welcomed Olesya as she herself is from Ivano-Frankovsk area. They on behalf of all western region wished her the victory on "Miss Universe" in Brazil.


 Olesya Stefanko takes first steps in design            

On June, 26th in Odessa on Holiday Fashion Week "Miss Ukraine Universe" - 2011 Olesya Stefanko and designer Anastasiya Ivanova  presented the joint collection of сocktail  and evening dresses. Girls was inspired by oncoming "Miss Universe" contest and the need to choose the clothes for a trip to Brazil. Almost all dresses from a collection Olesya Stefanko will take with her on the contest. The design duet has appeared on the podium together under a loud applause of an audience. Girls are assured that the dresses they created will please not only "Miss", but every girl  who understands the importance to be self-assured and to have "a correct" dress for the necessary occasion, especially if you need look like a queen this evening!


 "Miss Ukraine Universe" has visited  "Miss  USA" contest in Las Vegas

This year in a hall of «the Planet Hollywood” casino-hotel «Miss USA» gathered the most part of its winners, since the beginning of contest and also those who had "Miss Universe" title. It was an improbable show! "Miss Ukraine Universe" Olesya Stefanko has visited the show which was broadcasted traditionally by "NBC" TV channel. The Ukrainian girl was popular among visitors – they took autographs and photographed her wishing good luck on "Miss Universe"!

Also Olesya Stefanko was introduced to the president of "Miss USA" competition and "Miss Universe" Pola Shugart, and also to Eric Trump, the younger son of Donald Trump, one of owners of these contests. In 2009 Eric was the judge of "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2009 contest and under the invitation by Aleksandra Raffin came to Ukraine. He wished Olesya good luck. Angelina Kajalajnen from California has won the "Miss USA" crown. The organizing committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" congratulates Angelina!


 Olesya Stefanko has seen new show Celine Dion

Invited by the owner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest Aleksandra Nikolaenko Olesya Stefanko has visited new show of Celine Dion "Collosseo" within the limits of the first travel to the USA, Las Vegas. The show passed in legendary Caesars Palace. Show with fine scenery, the newest special effects, a live orchestra and, certainly, Celine Dion impressed Olesya: "It was the improbable concert! Especially I liked the show ending when Celin performed  the hit "Titanic" on gigantic ship. I thank Aleksandra for this gift! ".


"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 has chosen a dress for the  final.

Sheri Hill traditionally became the author of a dress for triumphal and popular performance in the final of  "Miss Universe" contest where all participants under a rough applause show their magnificent evening dresses. The known American designer already became legendary in America. "The Queen of evening dresses" creates unique and beautiful dresses for participants of "Miss USA" and "Miss Universe" contests. Also over three years Sheri cooperates with  "Miss Ukraine Universe" committee and creates exclusive dresses both for participants of our contest, and for its winners. Olesya Stefanko has visited the fitting-room on Sheri Hill studio. The color of dress of the Ukrainian girl will be white. We promise you will soon see it!


The story about Olesya Stefanko's travel to Las Vegas

The director of Miss Ukraine Universe contest Anna Filimonova wrote the story about Olesya Stefanko's travel to Las Vegas in her blog on

 The story about Olesya Stefanko's travel to Las Vegas



"Miss Ukraine Universe" crowned the "Miss KNEU" - 2011

 Representatives of Miss Ukraine Universe organizing committee traditionally were present as a jury members at student's "Miss KNEU" contest (National Economic University in Kyiv ) . Sudakova Anna won the crown.


Olesya Stefanko's  Photosession "The Golden Age of Hollywood" for  "Флер d'Оранж"  magazine.



Watch the video with participation "Miss Ukraine Universe" Olesya Stefanko in wedding festival Angel Fest



"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 on the final of  "the National star" tv-show.



"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 on air of the First National Channel

Olesya Stefanko has been on air of the First National TV channel as a guest of the program "It is  Easy To Be Woman"


All Ukraine wedding festival «Angel Fest» at participation “Miss Ukraine Universe»

On May, 12th in the Triumphal hall of hotel "Kiev" has sucsessfully passed a creative party «the Golden Age of Hollywood» which became the next successful wedding stylization from «Angel Fest».
In gallery zone on were easels with stylized photos of Ukrainian show business stars, who became  heroes of «the Golden Age of Hollywood» photosession. Among them was «Miss Ukraine Universe»-2011 Olesya Stefanko who became the main heroine of all show. She performed in final show of bathing suits by Ajny Gase.
The show finished Ruslan Tatjanin who has shown his perfect skill in a duet with «Miss Ukraine  Universe 2011». Only for three minutes maestro has created a tremendous image which has been met by a rough applause.


Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesya Stefanko makes photoshooting for designer Anastasia Ivanova


Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesya Stefanko in morning tv program 1+1


Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesya Stefanko cleans the forest

Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesya Stefanko cleans garbage in the forest live on tv Chanel 1+1


Olesya Stefanko frankly told about her life

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 met the correspondent of a site and un interview frankly told about herself and her private life.

You can read the interview here:


Olesya Stefanko and "the Formula 1"

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko became the guest of action by "Formula1" devoted to opening of new restaurant "Cote d Azure" (hotel "Riviera").

Olesya helped the presenter to raffle off some valuable prizes among guests, one of prizes was a trip to Monaco. Olesya personally congratulated the winner.


"Miss Ukraine Universe" - 2011 at photosession

Olesya Stefanko has taken part in the photosession devoted to a new collection of evening dresses of the young Ukrainian designer Anastasiya Ivanova.

Shootings passed in a historical "the Chocolate house", with photographer Alexander Serebryakov.


Olesya Stefanko at photosession (video).




"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 donated blood to help children who sick of a leukemia

On April, 7th  day of health, the international organization "ТOP Ukraine" has carried out the charitable action under the motto: "Star, donate your blood and save children's life from a leukemia!". Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesya Stefanko was the first who responded to this. The girl has courageously sustained procedure of a blood sampling and felt perfectly after.

More than 5 liters of blood were collected  at the action and passed to specialized children hospital of Ukraine “Ohmatdet” to rescue children sick of a leukemia.



«Horses feel human soul» – Olesya Stefanko

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 has supported Margarita Sichkar's charitable project together with eko-rehabilitation center "Camellia". This unique center is engaged in treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, autism, and also antistressful therapy, creation of scientific base for development hippotherapy.

Olesya Stefanko together with other celebrities became the heroine of photosession with horses.
These photoes will be presented and sold at the future auction directed on fund raising for development of the eko-center and building of a new complex.


Exclusively in Viva!

Read in March issue magazine Viva of interview by Oleksandra Nikolaenko, owner  the «Miss Ukraine Universe» contest.
She tells about her son Richard for the first time.


"Japan! Our hearts together!"

"Japan! Our hearts together!"
The representative of Ukraine Olesya Stefanko, "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011, with the assistance of Odessa National Legal Academy supported the Japanese people who suffered from terrible natural cataclysms. Students of the high school made "live heart" with Japanese flag in the middle. And the white-red balls symbolizing colors of the rising sun country flag, were sent up to the sky.


Olesya Stefanko has supported charitable action by Natalia Vodyanova

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko has visited the fifth anniversary charitable ball by Natalia Vodyanova which annually passes under the initiative of her "Naked hearts" fund. Action has passed on "Red October". In addition to the charity auction Ronni Wood (member of Rolling Stones) performed. Many celebrities from Russia and Europe came to support.


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"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 has visited solemn ceremony of prestigious competition "Person of Year"

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011 has visited solemn ceremony of prestigious competition "Person of Year".

"Miss Ukraine the Universe"-2011 Olesya Stefanko became the guest of 15th anniversary ceremony of the prestigious award "Prometey Prestizh" within the limits of the program "Person of year".

On a red path Olesya has appeared in a chic dress of American designer Sheri Hill (Shery Hill). She was accompanied by film producer Alexey Diveev-Tserkovnyj.


Let's help Japan!

help Japan Riyo Mori

help Japan

"Miss Universe -2007" Riyo Mori makes an appeal to join relief actions for those who suffered from disaster in Japan.


Miss Ukraine Universe -2011 has chosen!

On 11th of Desember in art center “Mistetskiy Arsenal” the final of “Miss Ukraine Universe” -2011 contest has passed. This year the organizational committee of the contest collaborated with patron “TOP UKRAINE” organization with Oleksandr Onishenko at the head.  “TOP UKRAINE” sponsored and organized the contest.

The most beautiful girl was chosen by ex- overall world’s box champion Kostya Dzyu, singer Sonique from Britain, the world’s first racket Karolina Voznyatsky, the official photographer of “Miss Universe”, “Miss USA” contests and “Rolex” company Fadil Berisha, the representative of organizing committee “Miss Ukraine Universe” Oksana Nikolayenko, the owner of "Riviera" boutique-hotel Elizaveta Yurusheva.

15 beauties competed for precious crown made by jewelers from Kiev Jewelry Factory and the opportunity to present Ukraine at “Miss Universe”-2011 contest. 22-years-old Olesya Stefanko from Odessa won the contest. She got the crown and golden necklace decorated with diamonds. 18-years-old Anastasiya Burak from Zhitomir won the second place and the third plase passed to 20-years-old Irina Samulyak from Ivano-Frankovsk .

National committee of “Miss Ukraine Universe” thanks all the partners and sponsors for fruitful job!


15 finalists of Miss Ukraine Universe -2011 contest

Photos by Fadil Berisha (USA)

Burak Anastasiya

Gres Anna

Anna Harchenko

Anna Polyaeva

Anna Saminina

Yelena Melnikova

Irina Moytsishin

Irina Samulyak

Katerina Sinegub

Kristina Krizhanovskaya

Yelizaveta Kutsova

Olesya Stefanko

Olga Mandicheva

Olga Tretyachenko

Violeta Yerak


Anna Poslavskaya in photosession for Story magazine

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 became the main Muse of ukrainian designers. She appeared in the different characters created by known fashion designers. To see the photosession with Anna you can in the new issue of "Story" magazine.


15 participants of the final are chosen

Dear participants of a national audition of "Miss Ukraine Universe-2011" contest!
We want to inform that 15 participants of the final are already defined.

Manager of "Miss Ukraine Universe" organization will personally contact all these girls .

To all who hasn't reached the final we advise to try next year.


The audition has passed successfully

On 6th of November in "Riviera" boutique-hotel the audition for participation in "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest has passed. The jury met about 200 girls who had been selected from the sent application forms. The casting is finished, and you can send your application form next year.

We thank all who participated in selection and wish good luck those who has passed!


Anna Poslavskaya met girls from hostels

"Miss Ukraine Universe" organization always supports good deeds and charitable programs directed to help teenagers and children. Charitable fund of Vlada Prokayeva and Oriflame company created "Ja-bereginja" unique program for girls brought up in hostels

Celebrities also joined this program, among them Anna Poslavskaya, "Miss Ukraine Universe-2010”. The Beauty Queen met and warmly communicated with girls, answered their numerous questions and gave a valuable advice.


Anna Poslavskaya and children

These days in Kiev an exhibition along with ending of photo contest ВabyPhotoStar has passed. The event passed in a kind of "Children Cannes festival", and children transformed into heroes of well-known films and cartoons on photos.

Anna Poslavskaya “Miss Ukraine Universe -2010”(also the third "Vice-Miss Universe"-2010) leaded the event perfectly well and received a lot of positive emotions contacting with children: "I am from a big family and I dream to have many children in future, because children are the greatest joy in life" –Anna said.


Anna Poslavskaya has chosen "Mister" of year

For the first time  the beauty contest among men "Mister of  West Ukraine Open 2010" has taken place in Ivano-Frankovsk . 13 guys from different areas of the western region took part in the contest. Anna Poslavskaya became the chairman of jury and the visitor of unusual show. "Miss Ukraine Universe" awarded the winner, Vladislav Javnyj from Chernovtsy.


Press conference with Aleksandra Nikolaenko participation

On September, 9th in the press-center of information agency "Unian" has passed press conference devoted to results of participation in  "Miss Universe"-2010 contest in which Anna Poslavskaya has won a title of 3rd "Vice-Miss Universe"-2010.

The owner of “Miss Universe” contest Aleksandra Nikolaenko and Anna Poslavskaya has participated at press conference.  The theme of participation of Ukraine in the international beauty contests also has been mentioned during dialogue with the press.


"Miss Ukraine Universe" on a cover "BLIK TV" magazine

Now the new issue of the magazine  "BLIK TV" is on sale, with Anna Poslavskaya on its cover. Anna has shared with readers her children's memoirs, and also has told about feelings after triumphal performance on "Miss Universe"-2010


Congratulations for Anna Poslavskaya!

Triumph of Ukraine on "Miss Universe"-2010

The title holder "Miss Ukraine the Universe" has won 4th  place on 59th  most prestigious world’s  beauty contest "MISS UNIVERSE" which has passed in Las Vegas on August, 23rd. Anna Poslavskaya has received a title of 3rd vice "Miss Universe"-2010. The representative of Mexico charming Himena Navarette became the winner of the contest. Our congratulations!
For today it is the best result for all years of participation of our country in the international beauty contests. And the real victory! 

Anna Poslavskaya's result, "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 is a break of Ukraine in beauty contests. And this victory is a gift for all Ukraine by an Independence Day - tells Aleksandra Nikolaenko, the owner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest.


Vote for Ukraine!

Within the limits of  "Miss Universe" contest passes online "Miss photogenicy" contest.
Vote for "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 Anna Poslavskaya! You can vote on an official site of TV channel NBC ( The more voices, the more close Ukraine to a victory!

TV- translation of  "Miss Universe"-2010 contest  in Ukraine watch at  "Inter"  channel on August, 24th at 23.15.


Video with Anna Poslavskaya on YouTube. Part 2.



 Video with Anna Poslavskaya on YouTube


"Miss Ukraine Universe" has congratulated talented children

On June, 7th in the Odessa delphinarium traditional competition "Mini Mister and Miss Odessa" took place under committee patronage of "Miss Ukraine-South". Anna Poslavskaya together with other member of the jury judged young talents. National committee "Miss Ukraine Universe", with personal support of Aleksandra Nikolaenko, awarded and handed over video cameras to talented  children who are disable, from large families and orphans.  Memorable gifts was given by Anna Poslavskaya and Oksana Nikolaenko ("Miss Ukraine-Universe"), and the president of  "Miss Ukraine - the SOUTH" committee Tatyana Savchenko.


 "Miss Ukraine Universe"- 2010 crowned "Miss Kiev National Economic University"

It was the second time when the national committee within the cooperation with national Universities  has supported a beauty contest "Miss KNEU".  The director of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest Anna Filimonova became one of judges, and Anna Poslavskaya, the title holder "Miss Ukraine  Universe"-2010 crowned the winner. By the way, Anna Poslavskaya is student of KNEU.


Attention! Audition!

National committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" announces a casting on participation in competition "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2011!

Unmarried girls, without children, with the Ukrainian citizenship at the age from 18 till 27 years with bright appearance, a beautiful figure and big desire to make themself known all over the world can to send the applications.

It is required:

1. To send the letter-application to the e-mail:
2. To attach two qualitative photos without a photoshop (full length in a bathing suit and a portrait photo).
3. To attach the filled questionary of the participant.
Attention! Letters without photo and the filled questionary will not be considered.

To download the questionary for participation


Anna Poslavskaya advertises SPA

"Miss Ukraine Universe" has acted in advertising company of new Spa-SALON "Elixir Spa" opened in a boutique-hotel "Riviera on Podil". The photographer of advertising was well known photographer Anatoly Fajngold  The legendary film "Sex and The Sity" made the idea of shooting, and Anna acted in image of its main heroine Kerri Bredshou in the advertising company to the first series of a legendary serial.


"Miss Universe"-2010 contest will take place in Las Vegas!

"Miss Universe"-2010 will take place in Las Vegas!
NBC, Donald J. Trump Miss Universe Organization by its President PolaShugart have officially declared that this year "Miss Universe" contest will take place in Las Vegas, USA. The final of the contest will take place on 23rd of August, in Mondalay Bay Resort & Casino.


“Miss Ukraine-Universe” on “Miss USA” – 2010, Las Vegas

Director of “Miss Ukraine Universe” contest Anna Filimonova and “Miss Ukraine Universe” 2010 Anna Poslavskaya has visited the final of “Miss USA” contest in Las Vegas. The contest was hold in famous hotel and casino "Planet Hollywood" where many famous people and many fans gathered. This amazing show transmitted online by NBC channel. 51 girls from different USA states  fought for the precious crown and the right to participate in “Miss Universe” contest. Anna Poslavskaya was the first who congratulated the winner of the contest 24 years old Rima Faki from Michigan.


Anna Poslavskaya worked with famous photographer in New York

Famous photographer Fadil Berisha (the jury member of “Miss Ukraine Universe”-2010 contest), is well known for his collaboration with world stars, leading fashion publications, Rolex company , “Miss Universe” and “Miss USA” contests. Fadil made a photosession with AnnaPoslavskaya which took place two days in New York in his studio. During the photosession Anna changed about 20 characters and clothes.  One part of clothes was given by American designer “the queen of evening dresses” Sheri Hill. The make up was made by Isabella Perec, one of the best makeup artists of America. You will soon see the photos taken by FadilBerisha in “Miss Ukraine Universe”-2010 page.


Anna Poslavskaya took golf master classes

Anna Poslavskaya became one of participants of popular competition “golf on spike heels”, which is taken place annually by Golf Center in Kyiv. “Miss Ukraine Universe” – 2010 has attended master class given by titled and world’s famous golfer  from USA Josh Olson. On 26th of May Anna will participate in real championship of golf and will compete with other famous ladies to win the best golfer title.


Anna Poslavskaya has became the face of the European trade mark

Anna Poslavskaya has acted in advertising clip of famous family brand DORMEO. The European Trade Mark offers Italian orthopedic mattresses and accessories for a healthy sleep. Production of DORMEO™ is very popular and successful during many years in more than 20 European countries. In Ukraine qualitative rest from DORMEO is accessible throughout 5 years. "Miss Ukraine Universe" also became the owner of the goods of the brand and has shared her sensations about them in the video. Also Anna has appeared in summer Dormeo catalogue.

Now you can watch the advertising clip with Anna on Ukrainian TV- channels.


Anna Poslavskaya has shown her evening clothes

"Miss Ukraine Universe" has appeared in a popular fashion-heading "Clothes" on portal. Anna has shown dresses from the American designer Sherri Hill who this year is the main fashion partner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest. Sherri Hill will create an evening dress for Anna's appearance in the final of "Miss Universe" competition.

In interview Anna responded warmly about Sherri's dresses and noted that it was the white dress from Sherri in which she won the competition. It brought a good luck. Dresses from Diana Dorozhkina and Svetlana Bevza are also presented in the photo session.

"Clothes" of Anna Poslavskaya


Anna Poslavskaya has met students

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 Anna Poslavskaya at the initiative of Alexander Krivoshey the vice-president of Open International University of person development "Ukraine" has met students of the University. The University is always open to well-known people. 30 percent of students of the University are invalids. Dialogue of students with Miss lasted some hours and she told about her emotions when she won the crown, also has shared her plans for the future. Anna handed gifts from "Miss Ukraine Universe" committee to two charming students, among them - Julia Kozljuk, 1st vice "Miss" of a beauty contest for disabled girls.


Anna Poslavskaya leaded draw of Female Car Festivals

Everyone who bought the car in the "Female Car Festivals" action from February, 1st till March, 31st waited for a final drawing of prizes.
It took place In Golosseevsky Car centre and was leaded by "Miss Ukraine-Universe"-2010 Anna Poslavskaya.  All automobile press of Ukraine, employees of UkrAvTo was present at the action. Also "Эдельвейс" company (gifts for ladies) and tourist firm "БриТур" was present as sponsors.


Anna Poslavskaya has acted in musical video

For the first time "Miss Ukraine Universe" appeared in a musical clip. Thus she supported young opera singer Michael Brunskiy, the owner of a unique man's voice - tenor altino. The director of a clip Natalia Shevchyuk showed Anna in a role of future mother. Cameraman Dmitry Petetrutov, the well-known photographer, co-operating with competition "Miss Ukraine Universe" during many years has transferred all touching and clean nature of the model's image.


Anna Poslavskaya congratulated the Rams!

TV-channel "Inter" presented the first program about horoscopes and celebrities. "Miss Ukraine Universe". Anna Poslavskaya congratulated two Rams Stas and Denis from "Чай Вдвоём" band with their birthday. According to the scenario Anna presented a cocktail "Love on the beach" to singers and wished them to be always desired.


 Anna Poslavskaya at Moskow fashion week

Anna Poslavskaya  gracefully walked through Russian podium! She concluded the showing of modeller Diana Dorogkina at Moskow’s fashion week. The audience was impressed by “Miss Ukraine Universe” appearance in original national costume with kokoshnik on her head.


“Miss Ukraine Universe – 2010” at “Person of year” ceremony

The 14th ceremony of the “Person of year” award took place on the 20th of March. The event was held in the National Art Palace “Ukraina” where all successful businessmen, politicians and art people of the year were selected. “Miss Ukraine Universe – 2010” Anna Poslavskaya was invited to award the winner in the “landowner of the year” nomination category. She appeared on the stage in a chic dress from Shery Hill accompanied by the president of the agrarian federation Leonid Kozachenko. They presented the award to Oleg Bahmalyuk (the agrarian holding “Avantegard”).


 Anna Poslavskaja on Ukrainian Fashion Week

Anna Poslavskaja on Ukrainian Fashion Week

"Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 Anna Poslavskaya has twice appeared on a podium of the Ukrainian fashion week. The beauty queen walked through podium at the show end of a designer's duet Zemskova&Vorozhbit, and also concluded the show of the fashion designer Svetlana Bevza. With these designers Anna plans to continue cooperation to prepare for participation in "Miss Universe"-2010.


 Anna Poslavskaja advertises festival of female cars

"I’m the queen, because I drive!" - with such a slogan Anna Poslavskaja, "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2010 has appeared on bigboards placed on ukrainian highways. The beauty queen became the person of female cars festival held by UkrAvTo corporation which represents the best automobile brands: Мercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Opel, Chevrolet, Kia, Renault, Chery, ZAZ and LADA!
In the ending of the festival Anna Poslavskaya will raffle off three tickets for two persons for shopping in London.
UkrAvTo company which presents a star of an automobile sky - Мercedes-Benz is the old friend, partner and the sponsor of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest.


 The crown “Miss Ukraine Universe” – is the jewellery masterpiece

The crown “Miss Ukraine Universe” – is the jewellery masterpiece. Kiev Jewelry Factory has created magnificent precious crown from white gold of the purest tint decorated with diamonds topazes and unique beryls. The best jewelers where creating this jewellery art masterpiece during 6 months. From year to year this crown will be handed over by “Miss Ukraine Universe” winners.


  The final of “Miss Ukraine Universe” contest - 2010

On 5th of December in InterContinental hotel the final of fifth anniversary “Miss Ukraine Universe – 2010” contest took place. The organizers prepared unforgettable show of beauty and grace which was transmitted by “Inter” channel on December, 13 at 22.50. 15 finalists fought for “Miss Ukraine Universe” title and precious crown made from white gold with diamonds, topazes and unique beryls. Girl from Novaya Kahovka, 22 years old Anna Poslavskaya become a winner of the contest. She will represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international “Miss Universe – 2010” contest in the end of spring 2010.

Star jury:
- Oleksandra Nikolayenko, the head of jury, owner of "Miss Ukraine Universe" contest;
- Joan Collins, legendary actress from England (Great Britain);
- Nikolay Valuev, heavyweight boxer (Russia);
- Ilan Delouis, designer, "Faith Сonnection" (France);
- Sherry Hill, designer (USA);
- Fadil Berisha, fashion-photographer (USA);
- Kristen Pazik, world-famous model (USA);

The queen of the evening, holder of “Miss Ukraine Universe – 2010” title has got a real queen's presents:

- National “Miss Ukraine Universe” committee with the assistance of “AutoCapital” company (the general representation of “Daimler” concern and the producer of Mercedes-Benz cars) presented luxurious prestigious star of car sky! Mercedes-Benz В-class.
- Exclusive cosmetics and journey to the most mysterious Las-Vegas city from SPA "Oleksandra";
- The contract with world’s fashion brand "Faith Сonnection" and an opportunity to become the face of new collection in company’s catalog;
- Splendid dress from Sherry Hill;
- Club card and annual subscription for service of I-SPA in InterContinental hotel;
- Certification for individual make-up training and annual contract for all services of LILOV Professionnel make-up school;
- Gift certification for royal shopping from Multy-brand store of women dress “Villa Gross”;
- The set of organic Glossary cosmetics

Invited guests – the politics, business and cultural elite of the country, and special guests walked to the hall stepping on red carpet.

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