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The contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" is held annually in Ukraine under the auspices of the contest "Miss Universe". The owners and organizers of the biggest world of beauty forum Corporation are NBC, Donald J. Trump and Miss Universe Organization. I am grateful to all of them for giving me the privilege of working together. Creating our competition, we tried to give a chance to young beautiful Ukrainian women best to prove himself and tried to help them to reach their potential.


Our main goal is to really find the best girl who could become the face of our country. And with dignity to represent Ukraine at the most prestigious international contest "Miss Universe". I would really like that participate in this contest regardless of the outcome, became for winner the most vivid impression.And also had a positive impact on Ukraine's image in the world.


Sincerely, the owner of beauty pageant "Miss Ukraine Universe" Oleksandra Ruffin.


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Благодарим Анну Вергельскую за красивое выступление на "Мисс Вселенная" -2015

Национальный комитет "Мисс Украина Вселенная" благодарит Анну Вергельскую за красивое выступление и достойное представление Украины на самом престижном конкурсе "Мисс Вселенная-2015"



"Mother's Heart"- national gift from "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2015

This year, the national souvenir from Ukraine is the work of a young artist Lina Condes. At the time, she was a contestant of Miss Ukraine Universe in 2009. Her involvment dedicated to all the mothers of Ukraine.



"Faith. Hope. Love" - national costume "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2015

The traditional Miss Ukraine costume is called "Faith. Hope. Love", it symbolizes spirit of the Ukrainians who believe in the great and prominent future, love Ukraine with all their hearts and hope that Ukraine will exist in peace at last. A corset dress with a train is performed in traditional Ukrainian style and is made of such tissues as silk, velvet and taffeta...



Dear friends!

We are pleased to announce that the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant will be held live at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater on Sunday, December 20, 2015 from Las Vegas, Nevada.



Dear friends, partners, participants and fans of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe"!

We hasten to inform you that in connection with the continuing unstable situation in Ukraine, but also out of respect for the memory of the dead and injured during the revolution and hostilities in our country, and their relatives, National Committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" has decided...



The sale of Miss Universe to WME | IMG

14th of September it became known about change the owner of  famous and legendary beauty contest "Miss Universe".



Attention, we announce the beginning of the casting!

We are happy to announce the beginning of the casting for participation in the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe"- 2015.



Ukraine has received 3rd place in the beauty pageant "Miss Universe" in Miami.

Representing Ukraine Diana Garkusha won the title "2nd Vice Miss universe"-2014. In the entire history of the beauty pageant the girls from our country three times been in the top five super-finalists.