Finalists of „Go Miss Universe” project conquered Paris!

A trip to Paris was the next text for the four left project participants.
„We wanted to see how the girls will comport themselves in the high society, what manners they have and whether they are able to show poise in public. For one of them willl have to represent our country on the international level in the capacity of a Miss Universe participant”, - Aleksandra Nikolaenko said.
The girls visited a reception arranged by Shoppard jewelry house. There our participants met famous French actress Emmanuel Bear (Mission Impossible, Eight Women, Nataliee), model Eva Gerzegova, flamenko dancer Kortes. Also they met the Yugoslavian royal family and Mrs. Alieva, the daughter of the ex-president and the sister of the current president of Azerbaijan, who now lives in London.
The shooting team from Ukraine was heartily welcome by Boucheron jewelry house and fashionable Jitrois leather house. The finalists were introduced to famous designer Sonya Rikel and visited her fashion show which was a part of Paris houte coutour week. The girls had a photosession on the Monterras skyscraper, the tallest Paris building.