Dear friends, partners, participants and fans of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe"!


We hasten to inform you that in connection with the continuing unstable situation in Ukraine, but also out of respect for the memory of the dead and injured during the revolution and hostilities in our country, and their relatives, National Committee "Miss Ukraine Universe" has decided to change the usual for us the celebratory format of the national competition. This year the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2015 will be held without the solemnity and without show.

It will be held in online mode. The name of the winner will be announced October 18 at the official website of the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe". This year all the forces we will concentrate on training of the strong winner,who will be able to Express themselves at the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2015 and to represent Ukraine at the international forum of beauty.

Recall that the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" has been held in Ukraine since 2005 under the auspices of the contest "Miss Universe" and managed to establish itself as a bright and remarkable event in the country. The special guests and jury members over the years managed to visit:
Naomi Campbell,Joan Collins,Eric Trump,Jean Claude van Damme,Dayana Mendoza ("Miss Universe"-2009),Pola Shugart, Caroline Wozniacki, Irina Alfyorova, Emmanuelle Vitorgan, Oksana Fedorova , Barbara Brylska , Snezhana Onopka, Sergey Astakhov, Larisa Udovichenko,Phil Ruffin, Sergei Zhigunov, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Nikolai Valuev, Kristen Pazik, Illan de Luis, Konstantin Dzu, Timur Rodrigez,Ivan Manero ,Alexandr Dolgopolov,Michele Placido, Jean Claude Pizhon, Fadil Berisha.

And at the international competition "Miss Universe" the representative of Ukraine has repeatedly entered the Top 10 and Top 5 the most beautiful girls in the Universe.

Diana Harkusha entered the Top 5, received the title "2nd Runner-Up of Miss Universe" - 2014
Olga Storozhenko entered the Top 10.
Olesya Stefanko entered the Top 5, received the title "1st Runner-Up of Miss Universe"- 2011.
Anna Poslavskaya entered the Top 5, received the title "3rd Runner-Up of Miss Universe"- 2010.