"Faith. Hope. Love" - national costume "Miss Ukraine Universe"-2015

The traditional Miss Ukraine costume is called "Faith. Hope. Love", it symbolizes spirit of the Ukrainians who believe in the great and prominent future, love Ukraine with all their hearts and hope that Ukraine will exist in peace at last. A corset dress with a train is performed in traditional Ukrainian style and is made of such tissues as silk, velvet and taffeta. The dress is decorated with golden embroidery, beads, gems and wicker straw elements with silk tassels. A print is stylized exactly as the Ukrainian ‘tree of life’ looks like. Everything is handmade. The National Ukrainian flowered straw woven wreath adorns head. ‘Miss Ukraine’ well be carrying a silk towel (rushnyk) decorated with national pictures which symbolize Ukrainian hospitality. The costume made by SVITLO design studio.