"Blooming Ukraine" - the national costume of Ukraine for Miss Universe 2016!

25.12 news

The beauty contest “Miss Universe” is the most prestigious in the whole world. The competition of national costumes is meant to be the most spectacular and anticipating performance of the “Miss Universe” because of a great interest from the part of numerous influential magazines (Vogue, for example) and mass media. It’s an unforgettable parade of national symbols and an outstanding moment of the main feast of beauty. Traditionally, the best costume brings to his owner a special prize from the Steering Committee. “We always spend a lot of energy and creativity with the exact goal to create the best national costume. Firstly, we love our country. Secondly, it’s a kind of message from us to the world. This year, despite the lack of stability and all the military operations, we have shown the Ukraine of our dreams – flourishing, rich and wealthy,” – said the chief of the Steering Committee of the contest “Miss Ukraine Universe” Anna Filimonova.

The second year in a row Svitlo Design Studio creates a national costume for “Miss Ukraine Universe”. The designers of the studio, Natalia Shevchuk and Svitlana Kubrak, sew the suits for the First Lady of Ukraine and other famous persons.

National costume of “Miss Ukraine Universe”-2016 Alena Spodynyuk consists of corset blouse, magnificent skirt and headwear. The main element of the costume is a handmade carpet which served as the material for the skirt. The carpet is made of dark-colored linen and is decorated with the embroideries (in general – colourful flowers). According to the different estimates, this carpet is about 70 years old. It was bought from the private collection. The skirt is adorned with a great number of paillettes and pom poms. Corset made from the green velvet emphasises a slim waist. Vast sleeves are made from the organza and are adorned with the colourful embroidery. The headwear consists of flowers, greenery and berries. The costume becomes more original thanks to the use of beads.

National costume is created specially for the beauty contest “Miss Universe” by designers of Ukrainian Svitlo Design Studio. “We have spent 4 months to create this national costume. A special group of 6 seamstresses was in charge of this process. The full weight of the costume is 25 kilogrammes. A few weeks of training are required to use to it. Creating the image of “flourishing Ukraine”, we used those materials, colours and details, which helped us to make a fusion of the past and the future. Our costume is not sophisticated, but, at the same time, it’s meaningful. Our goal was to express strength, prosperity and well-being combined with playfulness and magnificence. The skirt is the main part, something the image is based on. At a certain point we saw our country differently – flourishing Ukraine, blessed land with clear morning dew, under the wonderful sun, filled with flavours of herbs and flowers, cosy and hospitable! We wanted to show how beautiful our country could have been…” – the designers said.