Christina Kots-Gotlib about herself: "The contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" - this is the competition, which is worth a go. And I took a step that proved successful.

My most vivid memories from early childhood - at the level of sensations. This pink bows and pink socks. That and the smell of the sea... I and my family traveled a lot. In the height of summer to the sea! Be sure, every year! And at the autumn holiday - view Riga or Lviv, or simply to Moscow. I was dreamy and curious child. And my dreams were in pictures, with fairy tale characters. Even though I knew, for example, that the cause of the rainbow in the sky is atmospheric phenomena (my parents are physicists by training and they were not lazy to clearly answer my "why?"), but I still believed that in the sky, secluded place as an artist, living the good fairy, and she paints the sky in bright colors.
Inside my family was ruled by the cult of "our values" - education, determination, independence and initiative. And I have always strived to be the best student, best athlete,a good student.

The high school I graduated with honors, completed the program of master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, got a diploma honours in international Economics at the Donetsk State University of Economics and Trade named. M. I. Tugan-Baranovsky.

What was the beginning of my contests? I was 15 when I won the city contest of beauty and talent. It was a very happy moment in my life. When I was a student, I took part in competitions of a higher level.
In 2003 I became "Miss Donetsk", in the same 2003, by participating in the contest "Miss Tourism International Ukraine, "Black Sea", won the titles "Miss all Nations" and "Miss Friendship". 2004 - "Miss Donbass of the Decade" - Vice-Miss.

After graduating from University, I realized that 99% I am a creative person and began to study singing, choreography, took acting lessons. Given that 1% rational in me, I plan to continue legal education. At the moment I'm interested in international law.

"For me the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" is a Grand, and I'd say mega-competition, and participation will be one of the brightest events in my life!". And now all my thoughts are forthcoming trip to the contest "Miss Universe"-2009. And I will do my best to adequately and clearly present Ukraine.



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