MissUniverse2023 Ukraine

Angelina Usanova is a singer, songwriter, and musician. She writes and performs songs about peace, ecology, and love. Angelina recorded a music video for her version of "Schedryk" to draw attention to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. At the end of the clip, she shared a link to the UNICEF Ukraine website, where you can donate for the humanitarian help of Ukraine.

Angelina is a sound healer. After graduating from ashrams in Austria and India, she earned the title of yoga teacher and yoga master. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, she has organized free yoga and sound healing classes for Ukrainian refugees in Europe to provide moral support to people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Angelina is a vegan. As a certified nutritionist, she is writing a book of healthy and balanced vegan recipes. Earlier, she published her children's book "My Home", in which she talked about a conscious attitude to the planet Earth.

Angelina held charity concerts to raise funds for humanitarian aid, organized housing for 70 Ukrainian families in Moldova and Switzerland, and collected and transferred funds for the purchase of cars to the front for the "Quick Evacuation" project.

Together with her friends, the girl collected funds for the reconstruction of the fountain of peace in the botanical garden named after M.M. Grishka in Kyiv.

Before the war in Ukraine, Angelina worked as a volunteer with refugee children from African countries and participated in marathons in support of the World Wildlife Fund WWF.

At the Miss Universe 2023 contest, Angelina received a silver medal in the Voice for Change nomination for her video work on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the consequences of the war on the psychological state of Ukrainians.