"Miss Ukraine Universe" -2016 Alena Spodynyuk was born on August 13, 1997 in Sevastopol, in the historic town of Inkerman. Alena was an active child, involved in dance, studying English and French. Since childhood, she loved to draw and now continues to paint with oil.

From 12 to 17 years she was a professional player in handball and was even in the youth Olympic reserve of Ukraine. On her light 5 medals (games was a lot near a dozen 3).

Her education Alena Spodynyuk gets in Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts by specialty in hotel, restaurant and tourist business. But in the future she want to try herself in the role of TV host.

Alena is grateful to her parents, upbringing which influenced the formation of her inner world and outlook on life and instilled a love of literature. Since childhood, she reads a lot especially loves creativity E.M. Remarque and Alexei Tolstoy. Alena Spodynyuk believes that only goodness can solve all the problems and find the path to peace, and it is the key to the heart of every person. Assuming that one of the main qualities of human relationships thanks.

"Only when a person thanks their parents, grateful to the world, he has a chance to open up completely and live a life of this valuable and meaningful." - She said.

Alena is open to all new, currently develops an amazing national Japanese dance with fans. She likes to come up with the interior design. Her greatest love in life - they are animals. She every day train her two dogs Dalmatian and Doberman, one of whom she picked up on the street. And in the future wants to open a center for animal services.

Alena Spodynyuk of her victory in the contest "Miss Ukraine Universe" -2016 says: "I went to this hard, dream to the best of my powers and abilities to make the lives of people around me, kinder and better. And the beauty is, if it is kind, it is the great power that is able to make a better world.And as my compatriot Jamala, I would like to bring victory to Ukraine and show a good result at the contest "Miss Universe" -2016. For this, I fought for the crown and the prestigious title of "Miss Ukraine Universe".

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