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"Miss Universe" is the biggest and most prestigious international beauty contest. The owner and organizer of the biggest world beauty pageant since October 2022 is JKN Global, a large Thai media conglomerate. They also own the "Miss USA" and "Miss teenager USA" contests.

About one hundred candidates from five continents take part in the "Miss Universe" contest. Over two billions of people watch final of the beauty forum. Hundreds of millions of people in any continent know that the "Miss Universe" gives to smart, beautiful, ambitious women an opportunity which knocks only once in a lifetime – the opportunity of a career, financial prosperity and new impressions. They receive everything required for personal and professional development thanks to continued support of the forum organizers.

Since its launch in 1951, the "Miss Universe" contest changed along with world fashion trends and female beauty notions. Unlike other pompous arrangements, after being awarded the "Miss Universe" title, its holder at once moves to New-York. After that, she travels around the world for a year being engaged in charity programs.


Winners of the "Miss Universe" contest have had magnificent careers in diplomacy, business, publishing, cinema and television. Today the "Miss Universe" contest encourages to press towards success, and this is why it is the most ambitious and accomplished women, marked by internal strength, intellect, rich spirituality and style, who take part in it.

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