Karina Zhosan was born on December 17, 1994, in the village of Ovidiopol, Odessa region. Karina was a very active child, studied music, attended classes in a modeling agency, took an active part in a theater studio. From early childhood, Karina had leadership skills. She found common ground with both peers and adults easily.

After graduation from a school, she entered Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, the faculty of "Hotel, Restaurant Business and Tourism Management". After a year of in-person studying, she was noticed by a modeling agency of Asia and she flew away to work in Beijing. She continued her extramural studies. For the moment, Karina has worked as a model during photographing, as well as in the framework of the "Fashion Week" show. Also, she acted in several films and music videos. Beijing is the second homeland for Karina, this is the place where she grew up and gained the professional experience that helps her to achieve the goals.

In 2018, Karina Zhosan set up “ZodiaK” charity fund in order to help orphans in Kenya.
“I cannot tell the sense and feelings that I experienced when I saw the lives of children in Kenya. These particular emotions led to the creation of the fund. The “ZodiaK” project is not strictly for Africans, it has no boundaries and is aimed to help all children in need.”

Karina meets the desired goals as she has a strong character and unshakable faith in herself.
“Desire is a thousand of opportunities! Unwillingness is a thousand of reasons! While I live, I cannot stop thinking, dreaming, desiring, as well as transforming wishful thinking into reality.

I am overwhelmed with ideas, there are many plans and projects ahead that will make people's lives easier and brighter. This is my self-development and self-realization!"


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