Anastasiya Chernova was born in the eastern part of Ukraine in Kharkiv. As a child, she attended a number of circles and clubs. She enjoyed singing, dancing. Nastya was a very inquisitive and active child. She took part in all school events. She was brought up in great love and care of her family. Beauty queen is grateful to her mother, who always encouraged and supported her and helped to broaden her outlook.

Anastasia is a student of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University after G.S.Skovoroda. After finishing the University she will be a teacher. Nastiya had no doubt about what profession to choose, because she really likes spending time with children, taking care of them. She is sure that the knowledge and experience in brining up children will be useful for her in the future life. In her spare time Nastya goes in for sport, enjoys outdoor activities, traveling, learning new things. She takes great interest in fashion.

Anastasia's career as a model began in Kharkiv. At first, she worked in a modeling agency, which opened up the way to the world of beauty and fashion. Then she took part in the beauty contest “Queen of Kharkiv" -2012 and won the competition. But the most remarkable and important event of her life was the participation and the victory at Miss Ukraine Universe pageant. ”The victory in the beauty contest Miss Ukraine Universe is one of the greatest event of my life. First of all, I became certain that everything in our life is possible. My success encouraged me and I got more confidence and now have more strength and a great will to self-perfection and developing myself. I realized that being just a beautiful girl is not enough. It’s necessary to be a whole-hearted personality and be true to your convictions.”

The dream of her life is to have a happy and friendly family! She wants to become a good wife and a caring and loving mother. She wants to look like her mother and grandmother who are the bright examples of being real women. And, of course, she wants to fulfil herself and do her best in a beauty and fashion industry, to travel around the world, visit different countries and get acquainted and learn the culture of different nations.

Anastasiya is sure that her dreams will come true and her motto is "If you really want to achieve something, you will always find the way to reach your goal!".


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