"Mother Protector"— Ukraine's National Costume for Miss Universe

2023 National Costume 0

Miss Universe Ukraine National Committee presented a National Costume for the 72nd Miss Universe competition in Salvador.

Children do not start wars, but they are the ones who are unable to defend themselves.

This costume is our dedication to the great, sacred, and unconditional love of a mother and the defenselessness of children in the face of war.

Mothers all over Ukraine are begging and dreaming of a sky without missiles. They pray for the lives of their children, who are mercilessly taken away by the war.

We dedicate our costume to all mothers of Ukraine who protect their children, refugee mothers, who raise kids without a husband who protects the country at this time, to mothers who lost their children - young or adult - in the war.

The blue fabric of the costume is a symbol of a peaceful, quiet sky without rockets.

White and milky colors are symbols of peace.

Blue and yellow are the colors of the flag of Ukraine.

The golden elements on the costume are the armor that symbolizes the strength of every Ukrainian mother who protects her children.

The body of a little angel is a symbol of the priceless life of every child.

During the production of the costume, 30-35 meters of chiffon and organza fabrics were used. A print in the form of clouds and a blue sky is printed on top of the fabric.

Some elements of the costume were developed and printed on a 3D printer. Approximately 45,000 stones were used to decorate the costume.

A large team from Ukraine — MÜ production — participated in the development and creation of the suit: designers, seamstresses, leather workers, decorators, illustrators, 3D artists, and others.

It took 6 weeks to make the costume.

This costume was created to remind the international community about the events in Ukraine and the need for all states to respect international law and the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.